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Benjamin Tillier
Benjamin Tillier has more than 18 years of international experience in various sectors. He has been active in the healthcare industry since 2011. In regular contact with dust mites allergic people as well as professors and allergy specialists, he acquired an in-depth knowledge in this field.
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Self-diagnosis of dust mite allergy

Stuffy, runny nose? Irritated, itchy eyes? Wheezing or asthma? These symptoms may be caused by an exaggerated immune

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ExAller® : Directions for use and tips

Our multi-purpose anti-dust mite solution, ExAller®, is incredibly effective at naturally reducing the symptoms of dust mite

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The allergy pyramid: how to stay below your symptom threshold

Many people think that they are allergic to dogs OR pollen OR dust mites. But if you’re allergic to one thing, you’re likely

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Sleeping issue or allergy?

Allergy symptoms and sleep disorders are linked About 3/4 of people with allergies suffer from sleep disorders. It makes

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