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Autodiagnoza alergii na roztocze kurzu domowego

Stuffy, runny nose? Irritated, itchy eyes? Wheezing or asthma? These symptoms may be caused by an exaggerated immune response to dust mite allergens. Trust in the ExAller® dust mite allergy self-test and take the first step on a medically defined path to dust mite allergy treatment.


Results in 5 minutes

Take the test and you will find out within 5 minutes if you may be affected by a dust mite allergy.

The ExAller® dust mite allergy self test detects the presence of specific antibodies in the blood that are produced by the immune system in sensitive people after contact with dust mite faeces or body parts. The ExAller® dust mite allergy self test is a convenient complement to clinical tests, that you can easily take at home. The kit has been clinically tested and approved for home use, by appropriate regulatory bodies. It can be repeated at will.

In case your result is positive, consult your physician for further advice and treatment. If your result is negative, contact your pharmacy or doctor to find the cause of your allergy symptoms if they persist after your negative test.
Details about the scientific principles and proper use of ExAller® dust mite allergy self-test can be found on our website or at your pharmacy.

A simple and effective solution is available

A positive result means that your blood contains antibodies against dust mite allergens. You probably have a dust mite allergy.

exaller-bottleThere is a simple but effective way to fight dust mites. Scientific studies show that ExAller® solution (spray) safely and effectively removes 99%* of dust mites from mattresses, carpets, bedding, upholstery and more.

ExAller®’s unique mode of action reproduces the olfactory signal (aggregation pheromones) that causes dust mites to gather in groups. When sprayed on a cotton sheet spread over the mattress, the 100%-natural and non-toxic solution draws dust mites present in the mattress (or any other piece of furniture or object) into the fibres of the sheet. Once trapped in the sheet, the dust mites can be eliminated later in a warm washing machine cycle (60°C).

The result? Dramatic relief from dust mite allergy symptoms and a remarkable increase of your quality of life. This is clinically proven. For more details please check our website.


Both the ExAller® dust mite self-test and the ExAller® solution (spray) are available at your pharmacy.

Benjamin Tillier

Napisany 11 kwietnia 2022 de

Benjamin Tillier

Benjamin Tillier ma ponad 18-letnie międzynarodowe doświadczenie w różnych dziedzinach. Od 2011 roku związany jest z branżą medyczną. Mając ciągły kontakt z osobami uczulonymi na roztocze kurzu domowego oraz profesorami i alergologami, uzyskał dogłębną wiedzę w tym zakresie.

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