Am I allergic

Could you be allergic to dust mites?

Nasal congestion, coughing, irritated airways, itchy eyes, asthma attacks… Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Are they worse when you wake up in the morning? Is your sleep quality lower as a result?

You or your family member could be one of millions of dust mite allergy sufferers worldwide.


Do the dust mite allergy evaluation

This evaluation developed in cooperation with Professor E. Bodart*. poses a series of basic questions to determine if you are likely to have a dust mite allergy.

*Paediatric allergist, head of the UCL Mont-Godinne clinical department, director of the Belgian Circle of Paediatric Pulmonologists

Do the dust mite allergy evaluation

Positive result?
Take steps to reduce dust mite allergens

Did you take the ExAller® self test or learn from a doctor or allergist that you are sensitive to dust mites? Don’t panic — follow these three simple steps to reclaim your life from debilitating allergy symptoms:”

Step 1

Eliminate the source of allergens

Step 2

Medically treat the symptoms

Step 3

Prevent dust mites from entering your environment


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