Evaluate yourself for dust mite allergy

Do you suffer from a blocked or runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing fits?

1 in 4* people are allergic to dust mites. Are you?

Take the interactive dust mite allergy test

Let the interactive virtual assistant guide you. At the end of the 8 questions it will ask you, it will be able to calculate the probability that you are allergic to dust mites in a scientific and rigorous way.




* Unfortunately, this test is only available in French and Dutch for the moment. Click on the chat icon at the bottom of this page to start the virtual assistant in French. If you want it to start in Dutch, go to the Dutch site.


This evaluation was developed in collaboration with Professor Eddy Bodart who is a renowned pulmonary allergy specialist.


Professor Eddy Bodart
Pulmonary Allergist, UCL Mont-Godinne Clinic
Professor at the universities UNamur and UCL
Former President of the Belgian Group of Pediatric Pneumology GBPP
Vice-President of the Inami Asthma Commission