Using the ExAller® anti-dust mite solution

The ExAller® solution safely and effectively removes 99% of dust mites from mattresses, carpets, bedding, upholstery and more, but only if used consistently and correctly.

Step 1

Eliminate existing dust mites: Treat 1x weekly for 3 months

Step 2

Prevent future infestations: Treat 1x per month


Remembering the prevention phase is easy with our reminder calendar.

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Minimise long-term costs with our 300 mL format

The prevention phase is a long-term investment required to keep your environment nearly free of dust mites and reduce or even eliminate allergy symptoms. Our 300 mL bottle of ExAller® anti-dust mite solution costs only 3.12 EUR (3.75 CHF) per month per person, or 0.10 EUR (0.12 CHF) per day.

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