ExAller® : Directions for use and tips

Our multi-purpose anti-dust mite solution, ExAller®, is incredibly effective at naturally reducing the symptoms of dust mite allergies, and is very simple to use too.

Here is a reminder of the basic instructions for use.


Step 1 : Attract dust mites


Cover the surface infested with dust mites (your mattress and pillow for example) with a sheet or other 100% cotton textile, and spray the solution evenly on it.

  • Remove any hermetic protective layer between the mattress and the textile to ensure that the mites can pass freely
  • Shake the bottle, and then apply 1 spray per 30 x 30 cm (at 30 cm height)


Step 2 : Wait


Let it rest for 1 hour (maximum 2 hours).

  • The ExAller® solution covering the textile will irresistibly attract the dust mites
  • 1 hour is the time it takes to have >80% of the dust mites leaving the mattress (or the treated area) and penetrating into the fibres of textile
  • After 1 hour, the dust mites are no longer in the mattress and pillow but in the textile


Step 3 : Eliminate dust mites


Remove the textile (full of dust mites) and wash it at 60°C to eliminate the mites.

Vacuum the surface of the mattress and pillow to remove the allergens.




Frequency of usage


The first 3 weeks of treatment  1 X PER WEEK
Afterwards  1 X PER MONTH




Advice and tips


Here is 12 advice and tips on how to get the most out of our product.


Treat your pillow

You should treat your pillows at the same time as your mattress.

How? It's very simple.

Remove the pillowcase. Place your pillow on its normal spot on the bed sheet. Then lay your pillowcase over your pillow. Spray the solution on top.

After 1 hour (max 2 hours), >80% of the dust mites from your pillow will be in your pillowcase. Then just remove and put in the washing machine at 60 degrees to eliminate the dust mites.

In this way, you can treat your mattress and pillow at the same time.

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To start: 3 successive treatments

Initially, your mattress will contain up to 2 million dust mites.

Our solution allows you to eliminate >80% of the dust mites present with every treatment.

To eliminate 99% of the dust mites and so almost entirely stop the production of new allergens, you need to treat your mattress once a week for 3 weeks in a row.

For example, if you do this on a Sunday, repeat the following Sunday and then the Sunday after that.

After this, once the amount of dust mites has come under the threshold of 1% of the initial population, one preventive treatment per month is enough.


Make your life easier

In the long term, all you need is to treat your mattress with ExAller® once a month to prevent re-infestation by dust mites.

And make your life easier! Take advantage of when you were going to change your bed linen anyway.

To treat your mattress, simply use the fitted sheet covering it. It works even if the sheet is dirty.


Treat your armchairs and sofas

The majority of the fabric surfaces in your home are infested with dust mites.

Using exactly the same procedure as with your mattress, you can treat a number of other items of furniture.

Pay most attention to where you spend the most time, such as your living room sofa.

All you need to do is cover the item of furniture with a sheet, spray it, and remove the sheet after 1 hour.

Don’t forget to finish by vacuuming to eliminate allergens.

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Your children’s cuddly toys

If your child is allergic (which is likely if you are allergic yourself), treat his/her cuddly toys, as they will also be infested by dust mites.

Although there are other methods you can use (for example putting the cuddly toys in the freezer) our solution does the job very well. Again, all you have to do is cover the toy with a sheet, spray it, and after 1 hour remove the sheet which now contains the majority of the dust mites that were in the toy.

Don’t forget to vacuum afterwards!

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Do the treatment in the morning or the evening ?

It is preferable to do the treatment when the mattress is as dry as possible.

Why? Because dust mites love humidity.

When the mattress is wet, the dust mites feel good inside. They will therefore be a little less inclined to join the sheet sprayed with the solution.

Consequently, it is better to avoid doing the treatment early in the morning, because the mattress is still wet from the night we spent in bed (perspiration).

In practice, it is therefore advisable to open the bed wide after the night so that the mattress can dry during the day. Do not hesitate to air the room.

It is when the mattress is the driest, i.e. in the afternoon or at the end of the day, that the treatment will be most effective.

Because at this time of the day, the dust mites feel less well in the mattress. So they will not hesitate one second to join the sheet sprayed with the solution because they are convinced that it will be more comfortable. 


Why do you have to vacuum ?

The allergens aren’t the dust mites themselves. In reality, there is no such thing as a dust mite allergy.

The allergens are the faeces and exoskeletons that dust mites leave behind every day.

Our solution, ExAller®, eliminates the source of the allergens, i.e. the dust mites. After 3 treatments, less than 1% of the initial population of dust mites will be left in your mattress. This means that almost no new allergens will be produced.

However, at the outset, your mattress is highly likely to be full of allergens. This is why the surface of the mattress should be vacuumed after each of the 3 first treatments with ExAller®, not only to eliminate the dust mites, but the allergens too.

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Do you need to treat all the beds in the house ?

If you are the allergic person, then it is probably enough to treat your own mattress. Because you probably never sleep anywhere else in the house.

But if your child is allergic, and is still a young child, then it is recommended to treat the mattress in the parent's room in addition to the child's mattress.

Because it may only take a short period of time on a dust mite infested mattress to awaken a multitude of allergic symptoms in your child. And what little one doesn't occasionally come and join his parents in bed when they sleep longer in on Sunday morning?

Kids in parents bed_15%


Do not spray more than you need

To prevent the ExAller® solution penetrating the mattress through the sheet, you should not spray more than once per 30 centimetre square. This way, your bottle will last for longer too !


A cotton sheet

Make sure you use a 100% cotton sheet for the ExAller® treatment for maximum efficiency.

If you don’t want to use your own sheets to trap the dust mites, your pharmacist can order one optimised for this treatment. You can also buy it directly on our webshop.


What to do with the mattress protector?

If you have a waterproof mattress protector under your fitted sheet, it is necessary to remove it before doing the treatment.

Protège-matelas imperméableIf you leave it, it will constitute a barrier that will prevent some of the dust mites from moving up into the sheet you sprayed.

In practice, it is therefore necessary to follow these steps:

1. remove the mattress protector
2. put a cotton sheet back on the mattress
3. and then follow the 3 steps of the treatment


Avoid certain softeners in the wash

Since dust mites are attracted by the smell of the ExAller® solution, it is important that the textile used to trap dust mites is polluted as little as possible by other smells.

So avoid using a sheet that is too dirty (if you reuse the sheet you slept on). And avoid using a sheet washed with a softener that will give it a specific smell (lavender, rose, vanilla, ...). This could alter the smell of the ExAller® solution and make the treatment less effective.

Please note that the solution is completely odorless for humans. It is the mites that will smell it. But you will not smell or see the difference with water.

If you like to wash your sheets with a softener associated with a specific smell, then we advise you to use a neutral textile to eliminate the dust mites. For example, the one we offer in our online shop has been optimized for this treatment.

Benjamin Tillier

Written on November 05 2020

Benjamin Tillier

Benjamin Tillier has more than 18 years of international experience in various sectors. He has been active in the healthcare industry since 2011. In regular contact with dust mites allergic people as well as professors and allergy specialists, he acquired an in-depth knowledge in this field.

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